Pet Caricatures

Pet Caricatures

Pet Portraits with personality

Do you love your dog or cat and want a fun Caricature portrait to capture all the love and silliness of your pet? My name is Eric Melton and I am a lifelong artist who has been drawing since I was old enough to comprehend what art is.  Like most people I love animals and I pour my heart and time into the ones I have now and still have that little piece of my heart that mourns for the ones who have passed on.  Starting in 1993 as a summer job drawing in a local amusement park my love of  caricature has grown and helped fuel my career as a self taught illustrator.  I’ve always been told as an artist to be successful do what you know and love and success will find you.  So the natural progression over the years has led me to more and more animal art. To be more specific using my skills to  capture  all of the personality ,love, and silliness of the animals we hold dear in our hearts brings great joy for me. 

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Black and white Sketch (pencil)


per pet

8.5 x 11 


add $25 to upgrade to 11 x 14

Simple Color Sketch


priced per pet

drawn on 14 x 17 bristol

3 or more drawn on 19 x 24 bristol

no background or props

UPGRADE to larger 19 x 24 for  single or double pet  for additional $25.00


With Favorite Toys


per pet

Add a few toys or favorite things

A sports team logo,a favorite toy, a favorite treat.

No additional Background or text


With Full Scene


per pet

A full Scene with background depicting your pet

as a favorite character, movie, etc. The possibilities are endless.