Custom Pet Pencil Sketches

“Those who love animals, know something about God.” 

Working from your quality clear photos I can create the perfect gift or memorial of your fur babies.

I can work in black and white, partial, or full color.

Prices "Bust Style" per pet







8.5 x 11

Pencil sketch












8.5 x 11

Tonal/Partial Color











8.5 x 11

full color




Size Upgrades:

for single pet 11 x 14 add $100.00 , no additional fee if 2 pets together

for single pet 16 x 20 add $100, for 2 pets add $75.00 per pet. no additional charge per pet if 3 or more together.

Full Bodied Upgrade  additional $100.00 and up per pet   and minimum size 11 x 14 for single pet


Must have quality photo or photos to work from. Contact for photo review or to make arrangements for Eric to meet animal and take pictures. Minimum fee for local photos session $50