12. Maintain your equipment.
Chairs, easle, signage. Make sure your tools are in good sound working order. If your chairs are old and broken, buy some new ones.

11. Hygiene/Clean up.
Take a bath, smell nice. Dress for the occasion but always try to look clean and neat.

10. Smoking and alcohol.

Do it on your own time, you are there to entertain the  guests not for you.

9. Food and Drinks

Always make sure you ask before participating in food or drinks. Try not to show up to an event starving.

8. Line Management

Close your line off with signage and announcements well in advance. I recommend at least 30 to 45 minutes prior to stop time count off how many  you can realistically draw. Be a little conservative with the number as well.  Do not let people stand in line until last minute and try to close and leave.

7. Signage

Clear professional made signs on  front and back of easle. Avoid handwritten when possible.

6. Business Cards

Buy them, carry the, hand them out. In the digital age people do still use good old fashon cards.

5. Networking/Community

Promote yourself first of course but do not be afraid to help others. No cuthroat practices (under cut price, etc.) , the only throat youll cut by doing this is your own.

4.Dress appropriate for the event.

My default is khaki pants and golf shirt. If ever in question ask the cleint prior.

3. Drawing  Skills

If you are not up to par with the competition work on geting better at your craft.

I have been at this for 25+ years and I stil strive daily to become better.

2. Speed

Speed goes hand and hand with skills. You can be the greatest artist aruond  but if you can only draw 2-3 per hour and the comptition can draw 15-18 of comparable quality guess who is going to get recommended and hired?

1. Attitude

Things do not always go smooth and you will deal with them but your attitude is key. Be firm and do not let people take advantage of you but do it with a smile. If you mess up and are late to an event  own up to it and take responsibility.