My name is Eric Melton and I am a lifelong artist who has been drawing since I was old enough to comprehend what art is.  Like most people I love animals and I pour my heart and time into the ones I have now and still have that little piece of my heart that mourns for the ones who have passed on.  Being an artist I also express my love for animals through my art . Starting in 1993 as a summer job my love of  caricature has grown and helped fuel my career as a self taught illustrator. Thinking of ways to express my art and make it inclusive I came up with the idea of a book that is not only a book of pictures but honors our  furry friends told through art as well as quotes from owners about their pets.  My animals are going to be represented in it of course and I want to give others the opportunity to be a part of it as well. Thank you for your time and consideration to this project.   KICKSTARTER