digibannerDigital Caricatures
Eric Melton and Jeff Mangum are both available to provide Digital Caricature Entertainment to literally "draw" people to your Trade Show Booth or special event.

Eric and Jeff each have a little different set-up.

Jeff works on a MAC with Wacom tablet, while Eric works on the IPAD PRO with Apple Pencil. Each setup has it's advantages;  while Jeff's setup requires a little more space and a table it is more visual to clients without additional TV's or monitors.

Eric's setup is smaller and better for tight spaces but does not have the advantage of the big screen monitor and does require additional TV or monitor if you want the added draw of passing crowd to see the art happen.

You can hire one or both of us for your event.



Live at your event  we can each  produce approx 8-10 head and shoulders per hour with files *emailed to clients as they are finished or printed out .

(*wi-fi required)

$200.00 per hour per artist 3 hour minimum, travel fee may apply outside the Charlotte area.

Price includes setup, 1 print of each sketch, and TV or projector if space allows.

Pre designed body/background add one time design fee of $50.00 -$100.00  depending on complexity. Up to 2 variants (typically male and female versions).
Have ability to display image on tv/monitor as I work (client provides TV with HDMI input.)

You can also email photos for offsite Caricatures produced and emailed or uploaded to file sharing service.

Per piece pricing (*minimum order 8 for group discount pricing):

Head and Shoulders style

7 or less $45.00 per head

25 0r less (8 minimum). $35.00 per person

26-49.  $30.00 per person.

50+. $25.00 per person

Body and/or Background design with up to 2 variants (typically male and female)

one time fee of $50.00 to $100.00 depending on complexity of design.

Eric Melton (IPAD PRO) Samples

Jeff Mangum (Wacom tablet) Samples

Photoshop Samples (offsite from photos)

These are drawn off site from photos supplied by client.

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